Wonder Core Abdominal Twist

  • Wonder Core Twist’s new built-in rotating seat design offers a more effective and fun workout experience.
  • Take your core to the next level: Wonder Core Twist extends targeted areas to include the oblique and back, giving you a more balanced and complete workout.
  • Stress-free fitness: With adjustable hidden dials, add or reduce weight resistance, ranging from 26.5lbs to 52.9lbs—you’re free to customize your own workout.
  • Easy storage: The Wonder Core Twist is a collapsible, portable fitness machine that can be stored easily out of sight, taking up a mere 5”tall space under your bed.
  • Durable fitness companion: The Wonder Core Twist has been tested for durability; its resistance spring mechanism has been proven to withstand over one hundred thousand counts of usage and over 220 lbs of user weight.

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